Can you write music for my short film/feature?

You bet your shit I can. I love to compose original music for any project, be it for a debut short film, documentary or full-length feature. Hit that contact button and we'll get talking. 

Can you work for Free?

I absolutely love what I do, but I have to pay my bills. My scoring and photography rates are reasonable, though - especially for first time directors and producers. Let's see if we can work something out to suit the scale and budget of your project... 

Where can you work?

I'm happy to work with filmmakers and commercial clients all over the world. I'm always only a Skype/Facetime call away. Location is not an issue. 

Can I use your music? How much does it cost?

My music is free for personal use - this includes personal, non-commercial Youtube videos as long as credit and a link is given.  Commercial licenses are available and are priced in accordance to the scale and budget of the project. If in doubt whether you qualify for personal or commercial licences, please get in touch to clarify.

Can I use your music in my student film?

Yes, please do! But please let me know before you do, and give credit. If the film is given a commercial release and makes money however, you may need to buy a commercial licence.  

Is your music Royalty Free?

Nope. Although my music is free to use in the instances mentioned above, it is not royalty free music and cannot be distributed or repackaged as that. 

What if I cannot credit you?

All personal and educational uses must be credited if broadcast within the public domain.  In the case of TV or radio, where credit may not be possible, please get in touch regarding sans-attribution licensing. 

Can you produce music for my TV advert?

Yes. I've produced advert music for a number of large and small companies. 

Can you produce soundalike tracks?

I can... but I won't - it's not fair on the artist being plagiarised and it's kind of insulting to me. I am happy to listen to temp-tracks as a way for you to communicate your ideas of the mood of a film, but I won't plagiarise someone else's work. I really enjoy input from directors and creatives so I can produce something that will satisfy our collective vision. 

Does my film/advert need to be picture locked?

No, but I find it can be quicker and more productive if it is. I do like to work with creatives at as early a production stage as possible to get a feel for what you're creating. In some cases I will have some ideas for you before you even start your edit.

What equipment do you use to make Music?

I use a mix of real and software based instruments. I'm particularly fond of my small but fearsome collection of guitar pedals. My DAW is Logic X and I'm having a tempestuous love affair with apple products that flits between affection and murderous rage....  I primarily run on tea and toast.

Do you travel for unit still work?

My photography work has seen me travel to Iceland, Spain, Croatia, Italy, Greece, Sweden, France, Belgium and Portugal. I live pretty close to an airport and love to travel.  Shoots outside NI will require travel and accommodation costs.

Can you you match my grade?

Yes. I can match my promotional stills to the grade of your film if you like. I can also add typography and credits where needed.  If you prefer, I can deliver stills as RAW or flat JPEGs allowing you to add your own grade.

Can you create photo props?

Yes, yes, yes!  I'm skilled in photoshop and can make composite images, do head-swaps, create convincing aged photos, forensics, family shots etc. Depending on workload, these can be delivered within a matter of hours if needs be. I can also work with the director to take images that can be used for sfx mattes.

Do you use a blimp?

Not any more. I find them bulky and obtrusive - plus I've got tiny Trump-esque hands. For shooting on set I use the latest Sony Mirrorless cameras that allows me to work in total silence on set.